Solving The World’s Biggest Challenges Through  Collective Intelligence of AI & Human Expertise

We are a diverse team of sustainability experts, business professionals, researchers, engineers, & software developers– all with a spark in the eye, passion in the heart, and a belief that we can change the world.

Meet Our Founders


Peter Schelstraete

Venkatesh Kini

After our successful careers at The Coca-Cola Company, we decided it was time to pursue a CALLING: the acceleration of positive environmental impact.

It had become very clear to us that the gap between environmental ambitions and actions of companies was unsustainable. Almost everyone seems to agree on WHAT needs to be done, but most are struggling with the HOW. And that is why we started Ubuntoo.

Our mission is to use Collective Intelligence to solve the world’s biggest challenges. For us that means the combination of human expertise and AI. After all, the name Ubuntoo is based on the power of the collective: “I am because we are”.

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