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PHA - Biodegradable, Renewable, and Compostable Packaging Material

The unique properties of Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), a biopolymer derived from renewable resources, and its exciting potential for use and growth in the plastics industry are extensively discussed in this comprehensive blog. 

Composting and Compostable Packaging

Ubuntoo highlights the value of compostable packaging in helping composters handle increased food waste volumes. It emphasizes its importance in achieving broader sustainability goals by reducing organic waste and addressing packaging waste challenges.

The Future of Retail

This report highlights significant emerging trends and innovations that are shaping the sustainable evolution of the retail sector. By exploring key insights and groundbreaking solutions, this report aims to provide a deeper understanding of the impactful changes taking place in the retail industry.

Plastic Promises 2022: Report Summary

The Ubuntoo team conducted comprehensive research, compiling extensive data from sustainability reports released by leading corporations. The objective of this endeavor is to develop a standardized report card that objectively compares commitments towards reducing plastic waste.

Plastic Recycling Technologies for Packaging Applications

Through a comprehensive analysis, Ubuntoo explored the range of recycling technologies applicable to plastic packaging. This examination sheds light on the challenges related to supply and demand, as well as the emerging innovations in sorting techniques and pyrolysis for food-grade materials.

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