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Biopolymer for food packaging and fabrics produced from milk waste


Conversion of bio-mass and end-of-life materials into aromatics

Elk Packaging

Creator of fully compostable flexible film stand-up pouches

MIT Solve Circular Econom...

How can people create and consume goods that are renewable, repairable, reusable, and recyclable?


Eco-Friendly beverage packaging system


The World’s first skateboard made from waste plastic caps

Social Innovation Challen...

Challenge to generate new ideas to stop the flow of plastic waste into the environment


Industrial solutions for ocean plastics collection & recycling

Gr3n Recycling Project

Chemical recycling of PET bottles and food containers using microwave technology

Plastbug Project by VTT

Mobile, semi-autonomous, small scale factory (a container), where microbes degrade mixed plastic waste to valuable pr...

b:bot by GreenBig

Interactive and smart bottle recycling machine with “shredding and sorting at the source” technology

Recycling Technologies

Feedstock recycling for plastic waste

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