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Ink produced from natural dyes and traditional ingredients.


Stage of Development
TRL 9- In Market
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Key Contacts

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Tim McLaughlin

Designer, Photographer

Tim has been interested in natural colour since he began working for Maiwa Handprints Ltd. as a graphic designer in 2002. Together with Charllotte Kwon he has written and co-directed two documentaries on natural dyes. For several years he has been rethinking the study of natural dyes in a fine-arts context: how to use natural dyes to make inks, paints, and pigments. Years ago Tim received a Masters Degree in Philosophy of Science from the University of Western Ontario, an education he now applies to the study of inks and natural dyes. He has completed two residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts. He has recently began to teach ink making workshops for The Maiwa School of Textiles.
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