The Clorox Company – Clorox Company and Ubuntoo Spearhead Sustainability Transformation, Garner “Most Sustainable U.S. Company” Recognition by Barron

Ubuntoo collaborated with Clorox’s subsidiaries, Burt’s Bees, Cleaning, and Glad, to implement sustainable packaging and formulations, leading to Clorox’s recognition as the “Most Sustainable U.S. Company” in 2023.

The Clorox Company has been accelerating its sustainability initiatives in product packaging, design, and formulations. Ubuntoo has partnered with three of the company’s subsidiaries, Burt’s Bees, Cleaning, and Glad to provide solutions surrounding reusable, refillable, and bio packaging materials. Ubuntoo has also helped Burt’s Bees & VMS business unit find solutions for sustainable cosmetics, formulations, and green chemistry. We have additionally assisted The Clorox Company’s Cleaning business unit in sourcing eco-friendly chemical household products including detergents, concentrated tablets, and surfactants, and refillable vending solutions. Through our work with The Clorox Company’s Glad division, we have sourced hundreds of solutions surrounding trash bag innovations, flexible films, and biodegradable alternatives to plastics. Thanks to our collective efforts, we’re thrilled to announce that Clorox has been recognized as the “Most Sustainable U.S. Company” in 2023 by Barron. Our joint projects have delivered tangible solutions and enabled the integration of circularity within the company’s core business strategy.


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August 2, 2023

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