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Apr 22, 2019

PepsiCo is leaving behind plastic bottles and soda in its latest product launch

The company has led an industry-wide effort to reverse declines in U.S. household recycling and says 25% of its plastic packaging will come from recycled materials by 2025.
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Business Wire
Apr 22, 2019

Henkel’s Recycling Program benefits additive manufacturing customers and reinforces commitment to sustainability

Partnership with TerraCycle® streamlines recycling processes within additive manufacturing sector.
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The Daily Campus
Apr 22, 2019

Boxed water may be the new plastic bottle

"The focus of this project is to assess the feasibility of introducing a sustainably sourced, 100 percent recyclable ‘boxed water’ alternative to the sale of single-use plastic water bottles on campus, not to set up more water fountain [or] recycling locations"
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Apr 22, 2019

Our favorite upcycled and recycled products for Earth Day

You want shoes, eh? Try these ones made from recycled plastic.
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Apr 22, 2019

A plastic recycling revolution is brewing... in China

The country, which has long been a dumping ground for the rest of the world’s recycling, in 2017 decided to stop importing virtually all recyclables. But even since the ban, China’s population is still responsible for 28 percent of the world’s plastic pollution.
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Globe Newswire
Apr 22, 2019

Albertsons companies unveils new pledge to reduce plastic use in packaging

Company announces that 100% of its Own Brands packaging will be recyclable, reusable, or industrially compostable by 2025
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Milwaukee Independent
Apr 22, 2019

Earth day challenge: Outpost Natural Foods pledges to purge petroleum-based plastic packaging by 2022

Outpost Natural Foods recently announced its commitment to eliminate petroleum-based plastic co-op packaging and consumables by 2022, and has organized a comprehensive internal committee to tackle the wide-ranging issue.
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National Geographic
Apr 22, 2019

This island is going trash free—by recycling all of its waste

The Danish island of Bornholm has an aging incinerator that will soon need replacement. Instead, the local government is adopting a totally new system.
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Apr 22, 2019

Recycling shampoo bottles to make prosthetic limbs becomes retired hairdresser's dream

Twelve-year-old Haley Wright and 11-year-old Connor Wyvill will be the first children in Australia to receive 3D printed prosthetic limbs made from recycled shampoo and conditioner bottles.
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PR Web
Apr 22, 2019

Emerald Brand and Virgin Voyages bring sustainability to the seas

Virgin Voyages announce partnership with Emerald Brand Tree-Free™ and plastic-free products as part of banning Sailor-facing, single-use plastics in a stride to bring to life the company’s purpose of creating an Epic Sea Change for All.
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Thailand Business News
Apr 22, 2019

Thailand to tackle plastic waste by 2030

The average Thai consumer uses approximately eight plastic bags a day – or 500 million plastic bags per day for the whole nation.
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Apr 22, 2019

They're the world's best recyclers. Even they're confounded by the scourge of plastic

Fast forward to present day, and Germany recycles nearly 68% of its household waste, according to 2017 figures from Eurostat, Europe’s statistical agency. That compares to recycling rates of 44% for the U.K., and 26% for the U.S.
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Apr 22, 2019

Former Coca-Cola executives found Ubuntoo, An innovation marketplace for sustainability

Ubuntoo, launched just a few months ago, is essentially a connection marketplace for those seeking to make the world more sustainable. 
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Apr 22, 2019

Data sheet–On Earth Day, a call for recycling innovation

Last year, China cracked down on importing used plastics and forced would-be recyclers to find other outlets. None paid what the Chinese used to pay and, unfortunately, that has often meant the end of recycling programs, with waste plastic being sent instead to landfills or incinerators.
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The Guardian
Apr 21, 2019

The zero-waste revolution: how a new wave of shops could end excess packaging

Natural Weigh represents – healthy eating, local shopping, ethical sourcing, zero waste.
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Apr 21, 2019

Burniko Faso: Table benches made of recycled plastic to equip schools

TECO², a waste recycling company, directed by Calvin Tiam and based in Burkina Faso, will provide plastic waste-based table benches to schools for the next three years. An agreement has just been signed between the company and the Burkinabe government.
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Apr 21, 2019

60% Athleta's materials made from sustainable fibres

One year after becoming a certified B Corporation, Athleta is continuing as a leader in sustainable performance apparel, sharing in its April catalog that 60 per cent of its materials are now made with sustainable fibres. In addition to sustainable innovation in its product, Athleta has established partnerships to help make impact at scale.
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Sustainable Brands
Apr 20, 2019

Hotel-beverage giant project makes Machu Picchu Pueblo first zero-waste city in Latin America

Inkaterra, Peru's leading sustainable tourism and hotel development group, as part of an ongoing partnership with beverage giant AJE Group, has announced that the venture has made Machu Picchu Pueblo (aka Aguas Calientes) the first city in Latin America to manage 100 percent of its solid waste.
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Apr 20, 2019

Take a look at the plastics of the future

From hemp to lobster, the possibilities are various.
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Apr 19, 2019

12 technologies fighting food waste, from bread beer to monster avocados

Consider the last time you brought home a haul of fresh fruits and vegetables, looking forward to a week of healthy eating, only to have your berries go bad overnight, your greens wilt in the fridge and the avocados go soft on the counter. Wasting food can be frustrating, and a hit on your wallet.
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The Nation
Apr 19, 2019

Thailand to junk three kinds of plastic by end of this year

End of this year, Thailand will be free from three types of plastic – microbeads, cap seals and oxo-degradable plastics – and from four other types of single-use plastics by 2022, according to a road map that got the Cabinet’s initial nod on Tuesday.
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Apr 19, 2019

Adidas’s zero-waste sneaker is a simple idea that took years to execute

The idea behind the Futurecraft.Loop is simple, but making it real took years of work.
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The Sustainable MBA
Apr 19, 2019

Taking the trash out of takeout: How the founder of GreenToGo is forging a local circular economy

A Q&A with Durham, NC-based 'solutionary,' Crystal Dreisbach.
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Fast Coimpany
Apr 19, 2019

Calculate exactly how much plastic trash you generate in a year

This calculator lets you figure out–and visualize–the giant pile of plastic your habits end up creating.
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Recycling International
Apr 19, 2019

Galloo’s recycling technology is big in Japan

Group Galloo Recycling’s subsidiary Ad Rem is building the ‘largest and most advanced plastic recycling facility’ in Japan. The new facility will be able
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Apr 19, 2019

Apple to launch material recovery lab after ramping up circular economy drive

Technology giant Apple is set to open a new research and development lab focused on cl osed-loop solutions this year, after diverting more than 48,000 metric tonnes of electronic waste from landfill during 2018.
Browse partner compostableplastics
Apr 19, 2019

Are compostable plastics actually plastic?

Compostable plastics may not be the best way out of the plastics crisis, warns Bunzl's Joanna Gilroy.
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Apr 18, 2019

Sustainability and innovation at IBM: A green vision for 'Big Blue'

IBM's research division came up with VolCat, short for volatile catalyst. It’s a process that catalyzes chemicals at high temperature and high pressure to clean waste from PET, a plastic used in food and beverage packaging.
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PR Newswire
Apr 18, 2019

ThreeMain secures $1 million in funding, officially launches nationwide

Subscription-based cleaning products company aims to reduce household plastic consumption and reshape the future of sustainability.
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Packaging News
Apr 18, 2019

Eco-friendly packaging design for Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Electronics has equipped the Galaxy S10 with simple, eco-friendly packaging, utilising “environmentally sustainable materials”.
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