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Partner show pepsi
Waste 360
Jun 23, 2020

PepsiCo on target with recycling goals

PepsiCo's Sustainability Report highlighted “progress toward its sustainability goals and reaffirming the help build a more sustainable food system.”
Partner show co2
Jun 23, 2020

Scientists aim to capture CO2 and convert it into fuel or plastic

It has always been expensive and complicated, making catalysts to convert carbon dioxide into useful industrial products – until now. A team from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has developed a new technique that converts harmful CO2 emissions into chemical Lego-like ...
Partner show subcoal 300x276 1
The Energyst
Jun 23, 2020

Simec Atlantis waste-to-energy burn tests couldn't have gone better

The two hope to create a new global market converting coal-fired power stations to burn ‘sub coal’ pellets derived from waste including unrecyclable plastics, i.e. more car dashboards than plastic straws, according to CEO Tim Cornelius.
Partner show recycling sorting auremar adobe 650
Plastics Today
Jun 23, 2020

Sorting out a second life for flexible packaging

Flexible packaging, including bags and pouches, has long presented problems for the recycling waste stream. A new study shows that flexible plastic packaging has the highest potential of contributing to the achievement of European recycling targets for plastics. To make that h...
Partner show eswet taxonomy 3
Waste 360
Jun 23, 2020

The EU Taxonomy and the Treatment of Non-Recyclable Waste

ESWET released a policy briefing to welcome the adoption of the EU Taxonomy by the European Parliament and to stress the importance of non-recyclable waste treatment to ensure a green transition in the waste management sector.
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Jun 23, 2020

This Australian founder is tackling food waste with robot-managed m...

As the black soldier fly larvae eat their way through food waste, they create a high-quality soil fertiliser, frass, as a by-product, and the maggots themselves become protein-rich animal feed.
Partner show imgreen
Bio Market Insights
Jun 23, 2020

UN organisations give thumbs up to Braskem’s bioplastic

Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem has announced that its bio-based plastic called I’m green polyethylene has been recognised by the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and the Global Compact Network Brazil (UNGC) as one of the m...
Partner show unnamed 28
Packaging South Asia
Jun 23, 2020

Water industry's first wood-based clear plastic label material

The high-quality, sustainable label is an integral part of the Vellamo water brand and supports Vellamo's CO2ZERO Sustainability Program which aims ...
Partner show worn again
Sourcing Journal
Jun 23, 2020

Worn Again Technologies gets $9M investment to scale up circular re...

The company said it will benefit from the expertise of H&M’s supply chain and the advanced manufacturing capabilities of Sulzer Chemtech.
Partner show screen shot 2020 06 22 at 3.36.02 pm.5ef1330e51208
Packaging World
Jun 22, 2020

Amcor extends partnership network by joining World Wildlife Fund-le...

Amcor has joined the World Wildlife Fund-led activation hub, ReSource: Plastic, a global consortium of companies and organizations collaborating to keep waste out of the environment.
Partner show pt splosh reuse label 0608 1527 881 px
Plastics Today
Jun 22, 2020

Brand hijacks bottles for refilling to drastically reduce plastic w...

The path toward sustainability in plastics packaging has taken a simple, yet wickedly clever new twist, thanks to an innovative company in the United Kingdom that looks to disrupt the household cleaners market.
Partner show carr s flour weaves sustainability into fabric of daily production
Jun 22, 2020

Carr's Flour weaves sustainability into fabric of daily production

Drawing on the experience of nearly 200 years of milling, the UK flour miller has placed sustainability at the heart of its business, keeping quality firmly of utmost importance.
Partner show sunlight.purex  1024x819
Canadian Packaging
Jun 22, 2020

Henkel and Terracycle partner to help keep Canada clean

Through free recycling program, Canadian consumers are encouraged to recycle Sunlight and Purex plastic detergent pouches
Partner show box 295029 640
Market Research Blog
Jun 22, 2020

Insulated thermal box liners sales soar as more consumers prefer “G...

Insulated thermal box liners take up less space and ensure tight seal through adhesive strips. FDA approved high-quality foil provides greater control and insulation of temperature ranges that help in retaining the desired temperature for several days. Additionally, manufactur...
Partner show responsive medium 8fchxgfccdmp2fpsa3u u2hiz34qntskictekhdhbgm
World Economic Forum
Jun 22, 2020

Opportunities for a circular economy post COVID-19

The pandemic has prompted a shift towards new ways of producing, distributing, purchasing and consuming things.
Partner show circular plastics park3 web
Recycling Today
Jun 22, 2020

Plastics Diversion Initiative releases white paper on circular plas...

Proposed parks are designed to conserve, recover and redirect plastics into domestic manufacturing supply chains.
Partner show ft sustainability survey website
Packaging Europe
Jun 22, 2020

Smurfit Kappa survey findings highlight importance of sustainable p...

A new survey from Smurfit Kappa has revealed the extent to which businesses are rethinking their products and packaging solutions in their efforts to tackle environmental waste.
Partner show 1592720152 background81
Jun 21, 2020

UAE startup the concept wants to help you travel using sustainable ...

With an aim to remove non-sustainable hardware from the aviation industry, its first core prototype is a redesigned lightweight in-flight economy food tray called NEOS Fly which combines functionality, sustainability, and technology, and would make a positive impact on the env...
Partner show clapr1693a
Jun 20, 2020

Clariant ColorWorks applies IR-detectable black technology to incre...

Clariant has developed a range of deep, dark colours that normally would have required the use of carbon black pigments that makes them undetectable by the near-infrared (NIR) sensors used in automated polymer sorting systems at recycling centres.
Partner show charles baughan westaways 800x400
Jun 20, 2020

Devon sausage-maker launches 'first' fully-compostable packaging

For 18 months, Westaways sausages have been packed in trays made with Forestry Stewardship Certified cardboard which is recyclable or compostable and already more than a million packs have been sold.
Partner show fblike
The Daily Times
Jun 20, 2020

Recycling coalition launches initiative

“The Ohio Recycling Coalition’s America 2.0 Strategic Strike Stimulus, Made in America NOW! was formulated to spark a national movement centered on bringing back and restarting America’s manufacturing and fabrication of products and goods made from recycled material as feedsto...
Partner show unnamed 24
Packaging South Asia
Jun 19, 2020

Biodegradable vs recyclable plastics - which is better for the envi...

Existing recycling technologies have relied on mechanically sorting and melting plastics waste, which frequently leads to the down-cycling of materials due to high levels of contamination.
Partner show cascades
Packaging Gateway
Jun 19, 2020

Cascades unveils packaging range for fruits and vegetables

The new range includes trays that are made from PETE, LDPETE and cardboard, baskets, carriers and corrugated cardboard boxes in addition to various sturdy and leakproof options.
Partner show newsimage vcsprasset 1058477 144850 4b739997 2138 4588 9267 e44e56fbba34 0
PR Web
Jun 19, 2020

EQUO, a new natural solution for single-use plastic straws, launche...

Made from Coconut, Sugarcane, Rice and Grass, EQUO straws are Plastic-free, chemical-free, non-toxic and 100% biodegradable and compostable.
Partner show science 01
Energy Global
Jun 19, 2020

Neste launches research and development project in Finland

Neste has launched a new research project which aims at developing sustainable and globally scalable raw materials and technology solutions for transportation fuels and the production of chemicals and polymers. These new solutions decrease the use of crude oil and tackle clima...
Partner show dreamstime3228115 plasticbottles
Waste Today Magazine
Jun 19, 2020

New Jersey mandate could require recycled materials in manufactured...

The issue arose during a June 17 committee hearing on a bill that aims to require certain amounts of recycled plastic, paper and glass to be used in plastic and glass carryout containers, carryout bags and trash bags.
Partner show recyclingorganics 0
Waste 360
Jun 19, 2020

NRDC tools help cities cut food waste

U.S. cities’ efforts to cut food waste just got a boost in the form of an online tool kit released by the National Resources Defense Council and the Rockefeller Foundation.
Partner show repport cover
Sustainable Plastics
Jun 19, 2020

PE flexible film recycling in Europe could more than triple given t...

A new study released by Plastics Recyclers Europe shows that PE film recycling has the potential to contribute significantly towards reaching to the overall 50% recycling rate for plastic packaging in 2025.
Partner show plasticgarbage shutterstock vovashevchuk
Jun 19, 2020

Private sectors can engage global communities to improve the health...

With a core purpose to reduce the volume of marine debris and plastic ... In a world where waste management and recycling is on the decline even for ...
Partner show machine spic
Sustainable Plastics
Jun 19, 2020

Senbis announces multi-million investment in development sustainabl...

Netherlands-based Senbis has announced it will be investing a total of €5.5 million through its new subsidiary, SPIC Facilities BV, in a testing facility for the development of sustainable plastics and products.

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