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Partner show 3059311 poster p 1 in tanzania this startup will pay for plastic trash and make 3 d printer filament
Fast Company
Mar 05, 2016

In Tanzania, This Startup Will Pay For Plastic Trash And Make 3-D P...

Waste pickers will hopefully earn a better living through recycling.
Partner show medium helkflkvvu9gcpsotiawwifjr zmkpvrfssuic om24
World Economic Forum
Jan 14, 2016

The Fourth Industrial Revolution: what it means, how to respond

All of us are responsible for guiding its evolution, in the decisions we make on a daily basis as citizens, consumers, and investors.
Partner show pic%2bstudent
The Citizen
Dec 22, 2015

Students bring drone technology to farmers

A team of university students building a drone from scratch say they plan to revolutionise farm surveillance technology in Tanzania.
Partner show plastic roads 0
The News Minute
Dec 20, 2015

Heard about miracle "plastic roads"? Here's why it's not a solution...

Recently, a post in The Logical Indian celebrated the use of waste plastic for road laying as a possible solution to the mounting crisis of plastics contamination. I posted the article on Facebook with a comment critical of the suggestion. My comment was not self-explanatory a...
Partner show aircarbon thermoplastic made from air
Newlight Technologies
Dec 10, 2015

Newlight has developed a technology that captures greenhouse gases ...

China just announced it will enact a 25 percent tariff on OCC and other recovered fiber in retaliation of the latest U.S. tariffs.
Partner show composting programs
Modern Farmer
Oct 14, 2015

7 cities with awesome independent composting programs

Farmers, eco-minded entrepreneurs, and nonprofits have launched companies and programs that turn composting into a community affair.
Partner show econylfi 1200x630
Good on You
Sep 29, 2015

Material Guide: How sustainable is ECONYL?

A number of brands are now using fishing nets and reclaimed marine debris to make a fabric, ECONYL, that is not only turned into quality garments!
Partner show cabbage
Sep 21, 2015

These Israeli companies fight world hunger with innovative technolo...

The escalating global food crisis might soon mean that increasing yields and sowing more crops may simply no longer meet the demand for nourishment. By 2050, it is estimated that the world will need to produce at least 50 percent more food to feed its 9 billion people. However...
Partner show img 7160 crop
Sep 15, 2015

Philippines project turns 'ghost' fishing nets into carpets

Abandoned fishing nets destroy ecosystems and the livelihoods of fishermen around the world. Now a network of nonprofits is partnering with a for-profit company to recover some of these "ghost nets"in the Philippines and elsewhere and recycle them into carpeting.
Partner show primaryimage fbimg
Sustainable Brands
Aug 27, 2015

Dewar's distillery powering itself, 8,000 homes with biofuel from w...

The Rothes CoRDe, a John Dewar & Sons distillery part-owned by The Combination of Rothes Distillers, is the latest facility under the Bacardi umbrella to produce energy through a biomass boiler fuelled by Scotch whisky distillery by-products. The Dewar's facility produces ...
Partner show epa seal large
Aug 12, 2015

Reducing the impact of wasted food by feeding the soil and composting

This page describes the food recovery hierarchy level of composting - what it is, benefits, what can be composted, getting started, legal basics, and resources.
Partner show foodtech 640x361
Jul 23, 2015

Waste to taste: Startups repurposing food waste with delicious solu...

Maybe, just maybe, reclaiming, repurposing, and reinventing perfectly good, healthy food into new food options is just what we need to eliminate food waste.
Partner show vtt wireless sensor detects ethanol in food packaging
Bakery and Snacks
May 10, 2015

VTT looking for partners for its wireless sensor that detects ethan...

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland is looking for partners to commercialise its wireless sensor that detects ethanol formed from food spoilage, in the headspace of food packaging.
Partner show designer solveiga pakstai 012
The Guardian
Jan 25, 2015

The packaging bump that could cut a 4m tonne mountain of UK food waste

Industrial design graduate Solveiga Pakstaite’s Bump Mark uses a gelatine-based label to let consumers know when food has passed its prime
Partner show 3040693 poster p 1 when these clothes wear out you can throw them in your compost bin
Fast Company
Jan 15, 2015

When these clothes wear out, you can throw them in your compost bin

Three-year-old jeans, meet last week’s food scraps. Now it’s possible to turn your old clothing into backyard dirt.
Partner show 3033766 poster p deli meat
Fast Company
Aug 05, 2014

These living food labels disappear as your food goes bad

The gelatin-based Bump Marks reveal the truth about your food better than a printed label ever could.
Partner show 1381026
Deseret news US & World
Jul 31, 2014

Social Entrepreneurs: Startups set to change the world

Unreasonable venture Eco-Fuel Africa, a Uganda company that converts agricultural waste into clean fuel and combats deforestation, has grown from serving 1,250 people to 30,000 people.
Partner show slide3 oici international1 604x270
OIC International
Jul 09, 2014

Sustainable grains: Storage solutions ripe with tradition

For poor communities in Ghana, growing enough food for their families is only half the battle. Preventing unnecessary waste due to spoilage and pests poses a real challenge, but at OIC International, we are working alongside poor farmers to tap into a 300-year Ghanaian traditi...
Partner show 1
PR Newswire
Jun 16, 2014

Logos Technologies introduces biodegradable, natural alternative to...

NatSurFact® line of products provides environmentally friendly, cost-effective biosurfactants that outperform traditional chemicals in a range of commercial applications.
Partner show quartz basf compost edit6
Jun 03, 2014

These maps show how the world composts

The rise in composting is based in its straightforward benefits. Allowing organic matter to break down naturally and putting it to use in gardens does wonders for the quality of soil and plants. Composting is also a small burden on the patient composter, as time and nature do ...
Partner show uk plastic bag ban 001
The Guardian
Feb 15, 2014

Think you can't live without plastic bags? Consider this: Rwanda di...

Émilie Clavel: As a post-genocide nation with a developing economy, Rwanda could have dismissed the bag ban as unnecessary.
Partner show overlay
Jan 01, 2014

Microbes are “the factories of the future”

See more architecture and design movies at Suzanne Lee of BioCouture explains how she makes clothes that are "grown using bacteria"…
Partner show biomimicry in textiles shaping the future big
Jul 01, 2013

Biomimicry in textile: shaping the future

Biomimicry in textiles is an innovative technology inspired from nature. Biomimicry is considered as a future of textiles as it will give various benefits for various use of textiles.
Partner show cyrus kabiru
Jun 01, 2013

10 Young Afripreneurs Creating Solutions by recycling and upcycling

These 10 young African entrepreneurs came up with innovations that are transforming waste into valuable products by upcycling and recycling.
Partner show pet mexico
Our World
Apr 29, 2013

Social Inclusion in Mexico’s PET Plastic Recycling

Initially putting up US$20 million to cover expenses, this corporate coalition created Ecology and Corporate Commitment (ECOCE) in 2002 in the hopes of generating a steady volume of plastic that recyclers and their bottler clients could depend on, thus establishing a blueprint...
Partner show epa seal large
Apr 17, 2013

Composting at home

Compost is organic material that can be added to soil to help plants grow. Food scraps and yard waste together currently make up more than 28 percent of what we throw away, and should be composted instead. Making compost keeps these materials out of landfills where they take u...
Partner show purple crocs.jpg.600x315 q80 crop smart
Mother Nature
Apr 04, 2013

20 things you didn't know you could recycle

From sandwich bags and bras to Crocs and crayons, there’s a whole lot more than bottles and cans that can be recycled.
Partner show logo small 2x
Plastics News Europe
Dec 04, 2011

Coca-Cola shuts US PET recycling plant

The joint-venture PET recycling plant that Coca-Cola opened with great fanfare two years ago in South Carolina, the US, has closed.Neither Coke nor United Resource Recovery has made any official announcement about the closing of their joint venture plant, NURRC.
Partner show 615 sketch bendy straw1
The Atlantic
Nov 22, 2011

The Amazing History and the Strange Invention of the Bendy Straw

After 7,000 years of "drinking tubes", two men reinvented the straw in the last 150 years. The first made it modern. The second made it bend.
Partner show ecofashion 4 wearable technology
Dec 04, 2009

7 eco-innovations that are changing the future of fashion

By Jasmin Malik Chua Who says fashion can't change the world? At Ecouterre, we believe that clothing, like any good product design, can be accomplished in

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