Plastic Promises

Global billion-dollar companies are responsible for a staggering amount of single-use plastic waste produced each year. Acknowledging their role in the global plastic waste crisis, many companies have set ambitious commitments to reduce the detrimental environmental impact of their packaging use. But how ambitious are these goals? How do they compare to others in their industry? And, perhaps most importantly, are these companies making progress toward their goals? 

The inaugural edition of the Plastic Promises Report attempts to answer all these questions. Through an analysis of the packaging goals of 176 global companies, Ubuntoo and BrandScapes Worldwide have developed a quantifiable way to assess the rigor of a company’s packaging goals, compare companies to their contemporaries, and track progress achieved over time. 

The report focuses on global companies with revenues over one billion USD as these companies are among the chief contributors to the plastic packaging issue. Four major goals emerged from this plastic sustainability analysis: product recyclability, virgin plastic reduction, use of recycled content, and recovery goals.  Of the 176 companies rated against each of these goals, 9 plastic leaders emerged. 

To access the full report including the methodology used and in depth reporting on company goals and scores, please click below.

Find out where your company stands and which companies are leading the way in plastic packaging sustainability. Read the Executive Summary of the Plastic Promises report.

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December 7, 2021
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