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Md. Mahfjur Rahman

Posted Jun 14, 2021

I need feasible and cost effective Air Emission Control System for generator stack emission and boiler stack emission run by natural gas and diesel

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Ananya Gupta
Content Management
Replied Jun 14, 2021

Hi Md. Mahfjur, thanks for your question! Do you have a particular geographical region in mind? 

Kirk Lawrence

Posted Jun 14, 2021

What is the Cheapest Storage technology that can support <100Kw Systems and bigger systems in Australia?

Anuska Das

Posted Jun 10, 2021

How we can minimize the negative effects of wifi usage on environment?

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Venkatesh Kini
Ubuntoo LLC
Replied Jun 11, 2021

Hi Anuska, I presume when you say WiFi, you mean the energy footprint of our global internet usage. This is definitely a problem that has not been publicised much. Already the mining of Bitcoin is estimated to account for more energy usage than entire countries. The good news is that many soutions are emerging or being considered that will help address the problem. Since cooling of computers accounts for over 70% of the energy footprint, some companies like Microsoft have been experimenting with undersea data centers, which dramatically reduces cooling costs. New blockchain based digital currencies claim to use a fraction of the energy footprint of Bitcoin. Many companies are moving their data centers to Iceland and other cold climate countries where they can be more energy efficient.

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Monique Isenheim
Venture Development & Growth Manager
Posted Jun 01, 2021

Allergy friendly but sustainable fabric. Ok this might be a stretch but I am looking for allergy friendly fabric - those are usually very tightly woven to prevent allergens like dust mites to proliferate. I have only...

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Carolina Obregón
Sustainable Fashion and Textiles
Ubuntoo LLC
Replied Jun 01, 2021

Hi Monique, look into Tencel has the lowest carbon footprint and it comes from certified forests. No plastic is used in the fabric but look only for a mono fiber, since sometimes some fabrics might have rPET in their fiber composition and therefore use 2 types of fibers.

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Maria Ayelen Perez

Posted May 24, 2021

Hi everyone! "How can we accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly products/services in non-green consumers through marketing?" I am trying to come up with a solid proposal for marketeers, so I chose this...

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Maria Ayelen Perez

Replied Jun 06, 2021

Thanks a lot for your answer Yuri Pereira ! I'll email you right away :)

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Hanna Dijkstra
PhD Researcher
Vrije University - Institute for Environmental Studies
Posted May 07, 2021

Request for contacts in the field of microfiber pollution and fashion!

Please see this request from Naomi Peters: 

"As part of my graduate thesis for my sustainability master at the Vrije Universiteit...

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Peter Schelstraete
Co-Founder & CEO
Replied May 19, 2021

Hi Hanna Dijkstra ,

thanks for your question. Naomi can reach out to the innovators / solutions we have in our database. Many of them have "downstream" solutions related to washing of clothes. There might be others working on upstream solutions too. Here is the link to a search:

We will invite Naomi to the Ubuntoo platform so she can reach out herself. 

In addition, it would be good to reach out to Fashion for Good too. Let me check if I can put you in contact. They are in Amsterdam, by the way. 


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