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Adriaan Verbeek
A Top Packaging
Posted May 14, 2020

Dear all, we are looking for a folding carton manufacturer that has the capabilities to produce our sustainable packaging solutions/innovations in the UK. Alternatively a distributor so we supply them. ...

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Lorena Ballerini
Replied Jun 01, 2020

Hi Andriaan , how are you ?

We are from Brazil , we are a company focused on the development of smart biodegradable packaging ( shrink , food waste ,  come check our website , It is in english . Our email

Feel free to contact us ,

Lorena Ballerini CEO 

vinicius nascimento CIO 

Benjamin Hollerbach
MBA Student
Georgia Tech
Posted Dec 01, 2019
From shopping for reduced packaging gifts, to using reusable gift wrapping what do you do to help limit that post holiday mountain of garbage?
Shannon Sirur

Replied Jun 26, 2020

Ch ck out Roshan Ray is the owner.  Great guy.  Would be a great help there.

Tommy Bledsoe
MBA Student
Georgia Tech
Posted Nov 17, 2019
I saw a discussion on Reddit about a new plastic alternative called MarinaTex that is made from fish waste. It was created by a University of Sussex student who won an international competition with the more→
Jonathan Bauer

Posted Nov 08, 2019
Hello! I am trying to convert all of the coffee and tea stations in our portfolio to zero waste. The solutions for coffee were not difficult to find, but tea is more difficult. Many tea bags have plastic fibers more→
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Mannar Mannan
The BetterWay Company
Replied May 15, 2020

I used glatfelter engineered papers to make sachets. 

Jonathan Bauer

Posted Nov 01, 2019 Has everyone seen this yet? Pretty cool…what do you think? Is this scalable? Does this help more→
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Venkatesh Kini
Ubuntoo LLC
Replied Nov 02, 2019

Thanks for highlighting this news Jonathan. UBQ has been listed on Ubuntoo for quite a while. It seems to use a combination of pyrolysis with an extrusion process.

 Seems quite promising. I hope other members can shed more light on this.

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Sarwar DCC
Posted Oct 29, 2019
In which applications can ballistic separators be used and how do they work?
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Peter Schelstraete
Replied Oct 30, 2019

Hi @zerosolidwaste.
It’s a sort of mechanical sorting with oscillating paddles. The agitation of the paddles has a different effect on the mingled waste stream causing a separation of rigid items off one end and flexible items off the other.
Stadler for example has this system: 

We found some interesting references:

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