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Philippa Cross

Posted Jan 08, 2021

Hello I am looking to understand if there are MRF guidelines on what types of PP can be recycled and sold in PP bales? Are there any restrictions on printing on PP packaging for example or the colors of PP packaging...

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Megan Byers
Project Manager
Replied Jan 13, 2021

Hi Philippa! The Association of Plastic Recyclers has comprehensive design for recyclability guidance for many resins. Here is the guidance for PP, which includes information on colors, inks, coatings, and other design features:

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Isabelle Blum
Environmental Scientist ETH
Self Employed
Posted Dec 30, 2020

I'm looking for creative people in the material industry. Who has an idea how to make degradable plant pots for a nursery that last for a longer time and don't disintegrate when watered regularly?

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Eileen Blackmore
House of Design
Replied Feb 11, 2021

Hi Isabelle,
In an Interreg NorthSea project, Biocas, our projectpartners and my team developed drinking cups (for use on festivals) made out of PHA/PHBV. The cups biodegrade when in the sea, but can be reused and is even okay for the dishwasher. The current producer of the cup is Limm recycling, based in the Netherlands. The university of applied science Van Hall Larenstein did a thourough LCA research.

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Philippa Cross

Posted Dec 15, 2020


I am looking for any links to machinery that can grind plastic (PP) into 1 inch or less pieces for recycling.  Does anyone have any ideas on companies or a machine. 



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Ambassador Gilbert Aboagye Boye(GGA🇬🇭)
Gabidezin House Of Fashion-Boadi
Replied Jan 24, 2021

Check out they have different types of recycling machines that you can assembling them by yourself 

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Willemien Veele
Circular Business Development
Posted Dec 10, 2020

Dear all, I'm looking for a biobased alternative for expoxy resin which is used in laminated wood panels to make wooden boats from. Who has experience with this? 

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Neelu Chawla
Client Engagement Manager
Spectrus Sustainable Solutions Pvt Ltd
Replied Dec 22, 2020

Please do have a look at our raw materials which are made from natural raw materials like bamboo and rice husk. these materials are injection mouldable for your use. 

Christian Matos

Posted Dec 04, 2020

Hi people. I want to create a collection of hat from recycled net. What is the process?

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Nicole Baker
Net Your Problem LLC
Replied Feb 10, 2021

Hi Christian Matos, I have a fishing gear recycling company, and would love to talk to you more about this.  Patagonia is using brims made from Bureo's NetPlus plastic, Topiku makes hats from all recycled materials (their brim is HDPE buckets) - so there are some examples you can try to follow.

Eric Law

Posted Dec 01, 2020

We are looking for a protective solution for Timber, glulams, and mass timber panels. currently the standard today is single use plastic covering. We need a solution that protects the timber from Water and UV during...

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Venkatesh Kini
Ubuntoo LLC
Replied Dec 03, 2020

Hi Eric, in the short term, the best way to improve the sustainability of the wraps is to use recycled LDPE or PP. And to set up a collection and recovery system at your construction sites for the used wraps to be sent to a recycler.  

In the long term, we can explore suppliers that can try to match the current wrap protection specs using biodegradable or reusable materials if that is what you prefer. I will reach out to you directly to take this conversation forward.

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