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Kevin Boller

Posted Feb 19, 2021

I'm looking for a sustainable packaging solution that is also affordable, for packaging dining tables.  There are a ton of very innovative companies making packaging with organic products, like for example...

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Kaiwei Wang
LCA practitioner
Replied Mar 03, 2021

Hi Kevin, 

There might have been some misconception of the use of the plastics in different sector and the definition of "sustainability" is also very different: what is perceived as sustainable (for consumers) vs. what actually has low environmental impacts. Here's an open platform for you to evaluate the current environmental impact of your current/future packaging solution (, don't hesitate to play around it! 

Some of the best practices in eco-designing packaging solutions are going for lightweighting and using (recycled) material with existing sophisticated recycling stream to make sure that even if they're not reused, they can be recycled.

And I think the first steps and some low hanging fruits for you might be just in improving your current solution using these practices, talk with your packaging suppliers to see if there's anyway possible to leverage the above mentioning techniques. and also i'm just thinking out loud here, but maybe brainstorm about what additional functionality you can bring to your packaging (if you go for a particle board, can that be upcycled to other components of your table, or even small stools ^^', a great way to bring value to your products, differentiate your brand in a more sustainable way.)

Going back to the idea of reusable packs. There's certainly some logistic challenges, but I think it's also more about finding the right supplier and logistic partner that can help you collect the packaging from with their national or even international presence). Also, check out to get some inspiration or why not some potential collaboration opportunities? And apparently, it only takes 5 reuse cycles for a packaging of consumer goods to have less impact compared to a single use one, even if you take into account the logistics! 

Of course, the 2 approaches certainly can go hand in hand! 

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Eugene Britz

Posted Feb 14, 2021


Im looking for solutions on 3D printers that I can print houses for affordable houses in Africa. Nett zero carbon or close or any ideas. There is a demand but the price needs to be competitive. Any...

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Isabelle Verron
Head of Research & Content
Replied Feb 19, 2021

Hi Eugene,

Not sure you have heard about these companies:

  • Be More 3D: From Spain but technology has been used in Africa
  • 14 Trees: a joint venture between Swiss-based building material manufacturer, LafargeHolcim, and the UK’s development finance institution, CDC Group.
  • Icon (US based but have worked with non-profit New Story to provide shelter in Mexico)
  • Apis Cor (designed by Russian engineer Nikita Chen-yun-tai)
  • Wasp (Italian based. Might be higher price wise) 
  • Not sure if this company could be interesting for your project: Winsun 3D Builders
  • This organization thinking huts created a school pilot. 
  • Cobod. Europe based

This news article features a list (including some companies mentioned above) of 13 house construction 3D printers.

There are also companies working on building affordable homes with recycled materials. Let us know if you would like to know more.

Best regards,

Beth Birchfield

Posted Feb 06, 2021

Hey All! Looking for compostable alternatives to plastic produce tags (such as the ones you find around asparagus) that can withstand hydrocooling. (Sustainable produce packaging solutions in general are welcome!)...

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Venkatesh Kini
Ubuntoo LLC
Replied Feb 15, 2021

Johann Breytenbach
Cluster 5
Posted Feb 05, 2021

Water hyacinth is a major problem invasive plant.  Are there any examples of where the plant is used successfully in a circular economy or high impact project?

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Ryan Hunt
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer
Replied Feb 17, 2021

Hello, yes we have made thermoplastic composites using the protein fraction and fiber cellulose as reinforcing agents. Our company ALGIX uses algae and macrophytes, such as water hyacinth, to displace oil and plastic in consumer products.  You can check out our website at 

Barbara Schott
Director / Responsible Tourism Development and Sustainability
Tierranjani Africa Ltd.
Posted Feb 04, 2021

Hi all, 

Looking for good examples or case studies for innovative solutions to resolve plastic usage at attractions such as cultural/ historic sites and in protected areas? Especially the issue of plastic bottles...

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Eileen Blackmore
House of Design
Replied Feb 11, 2021

Hi Barbara,
Thank you Peter Schelstraete for linking.
Indeed we just started working on a 3 year project "From plastic soup to veggie soup" in the UNESCO Waddensea area. It is focused on reducing plastic use and developing biobased products. The products are designed by regional creative product designers in cocreation with SMEs, students and inhabitants in the region. The idea is to develop nicely looking icon products inspired on regional elements, together with people in the region so people are proud of these products. We work with farmers to enhance the use of rotating crops use for product to help the biodiversity, or use agri waste. We create open source maker industry workspaces, educate smart hands, attract launching customers, advise legal authorities on their policies and set up circular business models.
Our working method is called The Local Value Chain which we developed the last few years working on projects in preserving crafts in Europe, circular design education, bio based design, sustainable design festivals, inclusive design, etc.
Hope this will help a little on how we work, if you would like more info, please let me know!
yrs, Eileen

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Ambassador Gilbert Aboagye Boye(GGA🇬🇭)
Gabidezin House Of Fashion-Boadi
Posted Jan 24, 2021

How do i make good use of plastic Sachet Bags  

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Ambassador Gilbert Aboagye Boye(GGA🇬🇭)
Gabidezin House Of Fashion-Boadi
Replied Feb 07, 2021

At the early stages I joined the satchet rubbers with a sewing machine to get a Yard or 3 yards of plastics sachets fabric

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