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George Berthon

Posted Oct 02, 2020

I run a Non-Profit in Malawi that collect and remove single use plastics and recycle the collected waste. We want to test some techniques that have been effective elsewhere in the world in the country of Malawi and...

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catch foundation
Replied Oct 05, 2020

The Catch Foundation has introduced this initiative to minimise plastic use by introducing specially made multi-pocket Smart Bags that are distributed to more than 6000 families today for various purchases such as fruits, food , and clothing. Support us by visiting:

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Michelle Enright

Posted Sep 29, 2020

Are there any EPP foam replacement materials being manufactured (not wood pulp) in China for heavier, more delicate products? I am thinking in the vein of Ecovative or Cruz foam....which are not maufactured in Asia. 

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Sam Boex
Replied Oct 02, 2020

Hi Michelle, We have a range of flexible and expendable paper based packaging solutions, which can be used as either primary or secondary packaging. We manufacture in Asia.   email
Aditi Bhatty

Posted Sep 26, 2020

I am interested in bringing the idea of composting, recycling clothes, and zero waste stores in the Republic of Panama. I love to hear your ideas and perhaps can collaborate with someone to make it happen....

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Venkatesh Kini
Ubuntoo LLC
Replied Sep 28, 2020

Hi Aditi, you can check out Zero Waste Stores on Ubuntoo like and for inspiration. We also list many textile waste solutions. You do not need to wait for the government to act. There are many economically viable solutions that you can launch in Panama. 

Celia Berna

Posted Sep 25, 2020

We are a circular economy brand based in Europe but expanding to Asia. We are searching for textile waste recycling to carry the fiber-opening process in Asia.
Could anyone recommend us someone to collaborate?

Celia Berna

Replied Sep 25, 2020

Thanks a lot for the information, really helpful.
I just contacted you through the "contact us" button. Looking forward to your answer.

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Satyaprakash Garinapally

Posted Sep 07, 2020

Looking to develop Tiles, crates and packing material  from a recycled plastic waste by adding suitable other composites with minimum investment so that atleast some waste plastic can be reused , look forward for...

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Satyaprakash Garinapally

Replied Sep 10, 2020

Willemien veele, Thank you for sharing the information, hope I can replicate your ideas, shall work on this and revert 

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hajara dmusa

Posted Sep 03, 2020

Good morning,

I am a Sugarcane Juice business owner in Kaduna, Nigeria, I intend to process the bagasse into cups, bottles, plates, bags etc, is there anyhow I can get trained from here to actualise my intention.


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hajara dmusa

Replied Sep 09, 2020

Thank you Michael Knutzen I'll try to check on Chuck because I tried contacting Lean Orb, but the contact was unavailable.

Thanks for your response.

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