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Holly Fisher
QC Instruments
Posted Apr 23, 2021

We are looking for PET recycling companies near Oklahoma City and Atlanta. We have access to post-industrial scrap and would like to get it into the circular recycling stream.

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The Shakti Industries
The Shakti Plastic Industries
Replied Jun 05, 2021

Kindly ignore our previous reply

Jasmine Petrov

Posted Apr 22, 2021


I'm a student at Fordham University and I co-lead a sustainability-focused team. I would love to hear any advice from professionals on steps that could be taken to create a greener campus. We are...

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Dave Barbier
Sustainability Coordinator
UW-Stevens Point
Replied May 05, 2021

Jasmine,  As you know Sustainability is very much site specific so it's hard for me to give you direct answer.  Like Hey change all your light bulbs to LED but if Fordham hasn't done that yet it would be a place to start. ;-)  I think the real power of campuses is the students.  So I would try to do a survey to see what students would be most invested in and then start to work on that list.  If students want the change they will be motivated to help you and it will more easily be able to be pitched to the powers that be to make change because it's what the students want.  It also matters where you/Fordham is at in their sustainability Journey.  If you want to bounce ideas or actually want to set up a time to talk I'd be happy to do so.  Hope that helps.  Cheers

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Carine Violina
Entrepreneur / Student
Le cône de Colette
Posted Apr 18, 2021

Hi everyone!

I am working on a start-up for which I want to replace the TPU flex hard plastic with a natural material such as potatoes, corn, seaweed to do moulding. The material would need to have flexible properties...

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Carine Violina
Entrepreneur / Student
Le cône de Colette
Replied Apr 23, 2021

Hi Sandeep Kulkarni,

Thank you very much for the links, I will see directly with them if their product could be applicable to mine.

Thank you very much,

Kind regards,

Furqan Haider

Posted Apr 10, 2021

Hi. I am Furqan working as an Environment & OHIH resource for Engro Corporation, Pakistan. I am currently working on calculating the water footprint for Engro. Can someone guide me on how to initiate and what are...

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Greg Koch

Replied Apr 14, 2021

There are two main standards for water footprinting (very similar). and  I recommend the first one by the Water Footprint Network.  Both define concepts of blue, green, and grey water; and both provide approaches for calculating the footprint of a specific product or entire business.  The Water Footprint Network has more resources and case studies, in my opinion.  Keep in mind that water use (even "a lot") is not necessarily a negative - life, business, nature requires water.  Unlike carbon footprints where less or zero footprint is better, water footprints are a starting point for understanding when, where, and how water us used across your value chain. Sometimes less water or less pollution is indeed needed but often use is only defined in the context of water supplies in a given area.

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Gabriella Crescini
Sustainability Strategist
Q55 Consulting GmbH
Posted Apr 07, 2021

Hi all, I am working in Tourism and we try to map sustainable and if possible circular solutions for different actors in tourism & hospitality. Does anybody work on the topic too, or in a specific sector in...

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Sasha Pestano
Replied Apr 25, 2021

Hi Gabriella, 

Nice to e-meet you. I am a Co-Founder at TOMbag - an Australian social enterprise on a mission to rid the world of single-use garbage bags with our sustainable and reusable solution. We've created the world's first reusable garbage bag that was designed with circularity in mind. Made from certified recycled plastic (rPET), it's highly durable, washable and 100% waterproof. As you've mentioned tourism I thought to reach out - there are a number of global accommodation providers/hotels that are trialling out our reusable solution. Let me know if you want me to provide you with more details.

More about us here:


Raul Anta

Posted Apr 07, 2021

Good morning,
My company produce a sustainable recovery drink made with seawater (, but our labels are made from plastic. Can anyone help my to find a supplier for transparent cellulose labels?

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Raul Anta

Replied Apr 13, 2021

Hi Sandeep,

Thank you for your answer. We use glass bottles, so as I understand, cellulose labels wouldn't affect to the recycling cycle.

Thanks a lot! I will contact them.

Best regards,

Raul A.

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