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Hanna Dijkstra
PhD Researcher
Vrije University - Institute for Environmental Studies
Posted Aug 01, 2019
Hi Ubuntoo community, My name is Hanna Dijkstra, I’m a PhD researcher in Amsterdam studying sustainable plastic initiatives by the private sector; what sorts of business models are out there, how they emerge, more→
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Nicole Baker
Net Your Problem LLC
Replied Apr 01, 2020

Hi Hannah. I just finished reading your paper that came out in Journal of Cleaner production. Not sure if you are in need of case studies anymore, but I would love to connect regardless.
-Nicole, Net Your Problem

Eoin McQuone
Sustainable Business Consultant
Sustainable Business Design
Posted Jul 22, 2019
Does anyone know of a better alternative to Foamex board that is sustainable, waterproof and can be printed on? The standard product is typically PVC and widely used in the signage industry for temporary displays. more→
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Willemien Veele
Circular Business Development
Replied Sep 23, 2019

No problem, happy to help :wink:

Marko Prokot

Posted Jul 08, 2019
Hi there, we are a household brand from germany, and we’d like to substitude the plastic parts of our products with recycled ocean plastics, bit-by-bit (HDPE or PP). Our main suppliers are located in China, but it more→
Michael Schunck

Replied Apr 09, 2020

The “Ocean Cleanup” people are mounting a collection activity on the rivers of southeast asia, before this plastic waste reaches the ocean, and they are now collecting while searching for a provider to process this waste into a feedstock. Perhaps you could contact them for resources?

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Anthony Dickens
Studio Make Believe
Posted Jun 19, 2019
Hi there, I’m looking for bio alternatives to silicone or TPE and not coming up with much! I need something with the equivalent shore hardness of between Shore00 40-70 or Shore A 0-40 which can be injection more→
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Pawan Maheshwari
Founder & CEO
Replied Jul 27, 2019

I went through HEPXOL, and below is what is mentioned

Biobased plastics: a plastic where at least a part of the
content comes from renewable biological or agricultural

Biodegradable & biobased plastic : a plastic that is designed
to degrade under compost conditions. Containing renewable

Biodegradable plastics : a plastic that is designed
to degrade under compost conditions. Based on fossil

Dryflex Green TPE compounds are biobased

They don’t mentioned about how their product degrades. I’m guessing this has to be composted, just like other materials? Secondly, will this work in mix-material dump in the trash - just like the current scenario?

Any idea? Thanks!

Xenia Tombrou

Garbage Art Corfu
Posted Jun 01, 2019
Hi! I am Xenia and live on the Greek island of Corfu. Like most Greek islands a lot of waste ends up in landfills. How could we go from a linear and broken waste system to one of reducing, reusing and recycling? more→
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Nicole Baker
Net Your Problem LLC
Replied Jul 01, 2019

I’m so sorry for the delay in replying. I have been traveling a lot and am buried in emails. I will be traveling again next week but after the 17 could we arrange a time to talk to see if we have some interests in common? My email is if you could send me a message on there, we can work on the scheduling. Thank you. Nicole.

Gina Lee

Upcyclers Network
Posted May 01, 2019
According to this professor, the stat of 10 rivers being responsible for 90% of plastic pollution was cited incorrectly. Instead, the studies that were cited in the media said that OF THE PLASTICS coming from more→
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Venkatesh Kini
Ubuntoo LLC
Replied May 15, 2019

Thanks for an insightful post Gina. I agree that the media tends to oversimplify studies, and often one media headline gets picked up by multiple sources, so much so that the original truth gets lost.

This should help address criticism by many people who feel that the problem can be solved purely by focusing on these 10 rivers, and who campaign for inaction in developed western countries.

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