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Jeremy Macdonald
Global Energy and Sustainability Director
ISS Facilities Services
Posted Feb 26, 2019
I am working with a cafe services company that wants to find a better option for disposable gloves. Currently using nitrile gloves all around the United States, and because of the food waste they mostly end up in more→
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Karan Pandey (WTG)
WTG (unregistered)
Replied Jun 25, 2020

I'd request you to change the way you use. Buy 2 pairs of washable gloves for every person using it. Workers should use one pair of it on work and on the other day the used one should be washed and non used ones can be used. This will surely save a lot money and millions of pairs of glove waste. Hope this helps!! ✌️

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Anthony Dickens
Studio Make Believe
Posted Jun 01, 2018
Hello, Does anyone know European manufacturers able to mould a coffee cup in a sustainable material (not an existing coffee cup product)? Any sustainable material or fully reciclable now a days is an option, more→

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