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Food Waste Repackaged Learning Series


Sustainable Packaging Coalition: The Intersection of Packaging and Food Waste


In the US, 37% of food waste takes place in the home, and another 28% occurs in consumer-facing businesses such as foodservice and retail (ReFED). Addressing this food waste is a key solution for tackling climate change (Project Drawdown).

Packaging and food waste are often thought of as binary choices for a brand- either you use packaging and prevent food waste, or you don’t use packaging and create food waste. At the same time, consumers want less packaged food and aren’t familiar with how packaging might be preventing food waste.

In tackling food waste, packaging design is the seventh most effective strategy in terms of climate impact potential, with the potential to reduce emissions by 3.57 metric tons CO2e each year. Active and intelligent packaging was another top strategy for preventing food waste. Yet most manufacturers and brands aren’t actively designing or optimizing packaging to reduce food waste. Many either focus exclusively on the recoverability of their packaging, or assume their packaging already performs well in preventing food waste.

The result is that there is a significant opportunity to improve packaging design and the broader product-packaging system to reduce food waste in homes and businesses.

To address this challenge, the SPC launched: Food Waste Repackaged.

The Learning Series phase includes virtual events, open to all. These explore topics such as:

  • Understanding Packaging’s Role in Food Waste
  • Ripe for Redesign: Better Packaging to Reduce Food Waste
  • Innovations in Food Waste Prevention
  • Saving Food through Collaboration

Watch all the webinars on demand HERE

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