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Textile and Shoes Recycling Innovation Challenge


Innovation Challenge 2020


The Textile sector eco-organization (clothing textiles, household linen and shoes), formerly called Eco TLC, is organizing its 2020 Innovation Challenge to optimize the recycling of textiles and shoes and accelerate the circular development of the sector.

The challenge: to convert 100,000 tonnes of used textiles and shoes that cannot be reused into new materials. To achieve this, the Innovation Challenge supports projects on two strategic axes

  • The preparation of materials from used textiles and shoes: 
    • Sorting techniques, methods of characterization, separation and preparation of materials
    • Optimization of return logistics and massification of materials. material deposits

  • Incorporation of recycled materials from used textiles and shoes into products in other sectors, such as construction, automobile industry, etc.:
    • Creation of recycled materials that can be used in several industries (i.e: pellets, etc.)
    • Creation of products beyond the textiles and footwear industries

Geographic Coverage:
Open to all (France and Europe, consortium, company, individual, association).

An endowment for the Innovation Challenge of at least € 500,000 per year, without equity participation or royalties

The Refashion team and the Scientific Committee are available to applicants to assist them in building their file before it is submitted.

The Application deadline is November 30, 2020. For more information click HERE or contact Cécile Martin, innovation and recycling project manager via c.martin@refashion.fr.

Textile and Shoes Recycling Innovation Challenge description
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