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Find and partner with relevant innovations and solutions to plastic pollution, food and textile waste. Connect & collaborate with industry experts and stay up to date with what's shaping the industry.

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Discover relevant solutions

Ubuntoo has the largest AI-enabled environmental database with more than 1,500 solutions worldwide to plastic pollution, food and textile waste. Search easily and partner seamlessly with sustainable solutions to help solve today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing environmental challenges.

Learn about the Issues & New Innovations

Our knowledge-infused platform has powerful tools to educate and inspire all teams. We offer more than 3,500 science-based articles, academic papers, podcasts, videos, best practices and more. Tailored daily, weekly or customized according to your needs.

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Collaborate + Connect with Industry Leaders

Ubuntoo is a community of 2,000+ professionals: innovators, academicians, experts at corporations and research institutions - all with a focus to disrupt, collaborate, and drive positive impact. Ask any question and receive an answer within 24 hours.

Leverage our
Bespoke Services

Through our global network of partners, technology scouts and experts, we can provide services to identify and develop custom solutions. Additionally, we can help facilitate innovation challenges, hackathons and provide advisory services.

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Ubuntoo Labs

Ubuntoo Labs is our in-house marketing agency created to accelerate social media growth and build online communities. Our services range from strategy, content creation, curation, production, influencer sourcing, management, media buys and best practices.

We work directly with our clients to support their goals in achieving sustainable change. Since our launching in 2018, Ubuntoo has worked with industry leaders worldwide.