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Why Buying Plastic-Free Groceries is so Hard in Supermarkets

 In this video, families from various income groups took up a challenge to avoid plastic in the market place. CBC conducted a social experiment by looking at two families, their shopping habits, and their shopping locales. But what are the alternatives to plastic packaged groceries? Is it easy to be mindful consumers if your country does not prioritize solutions to plastic pollution? If the big-name corporations are refusing to change their packaging habits?

CBC takes a deeper look at "...how to fight back..." against plastic packaging and plastic pollution.  In this video, they explore how families buy, what countries other than the U.S. are doing for solutions, and how to make sustainable choices even if supermarkets do not change. This documentary provides a broad view of what is happening in the U.S., in other countries, why nations are struggling to change, and what the solutions are!  CBC explored Budgens market in the UK, a market that is cutting out plastic and creating plastic-free zones. This video explores how they do it and Thorten, the owner, discusses how he needs big players such as Coke and Nestle to cooperate as well as what he needs from consumers!

Learn more about how to be more mindful with our plastic choices by watching the 22:30 minute video below

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Olivia Thomas

June 21, 2019
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