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Waste Management for dummies - Love Zero Waste

"To truly understand the concept of zero waste, it's essential that we dig into the current state of waste and waste management.  In this, the first episode of Love Zero Waste, you'll learn more about why the amount of waste is increasing every year, what happens with your waste after you chuck it and we introduce you to the 12...ish Rs of zero waste.  We'll even tap into the unknowns of the 'invisible waste'.  You'll meet Anna-Carin Gripwall, head of communication at the Swedish Waste Management Association (Avfall Sverige) and we're paying a visit to Jochen Pach, head of projects and material flow management at Holding Graz Waste Management." 

- Love Zero Waste podcast

In this podcast, Evelina Lundqvist and Mallin Leth talk about the basics of waste management and talk with Avfall Sverige about how waste is growing. They talk about what is behind these numbers, where the waste is coming from and how Avfall is dealing with them. To continue to help the growing waste problem they explain what the 12 Rs of zero waste are and how they can contribute to lowering the ever-growing waste mountain. Jochen talks about the categories of trash that come into the waste system and the programs that he implements to try to encourage people to bring him their trash for free. He also digs into the recycling system and how it works.

To learn about the basics of waste management with Evelina and Mallin listen to the 31:52 minute podcast below

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Olivia Thomas

June 26, 2019
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