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Upstream Innovation: A guide to packaging solutions

The Upstream Innovation guide tells readers how to harness the power of upstream innovation as a root-cause solution to plastic waste. In a circular economy, upstream innovation is about tracing a problem back to its root cause and tackling it there. It means that rather than working out how to deal with a pile of waste, we prevent it from being created in the first place. 

This book is intended as a practical guide to help organisations innovate towards achieving their circular economy goals for packaging. Packed with practical tips, decision support frameworks, and case studies, it is designed for marketers, product designers, and packaging engineers new to the idea of a circular economy for packaging, as well as for seasoned practitioners. The guide is not about the state of global plastic pollution. It's about solutions. 

Find out how moving upstream can tackle packaging waste and pollution while generating economic benefits HERE


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The Ellen MacArthur Foundation

November 19, 2020
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