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“The Amazon and the Arctic are burning, Greenland and Antarctica are melting, and longstanding concerns such as plastic waste, air pollution and water security that don’t seem to be getting better. How do you stay positive?” This is a question that Joel Makower, founder of GreenBiz and sustainability thought leader, recently posted on his blog.  

For us at Ubuntoo, the answer to that is clear: what gives us hope is the groundswell of “sustainability innovation” happening around the world. A comment we often hear from our members is that our platform makes them feel positive about the potential of scaling solutions.   

We want to keep developing Ubuntoo as an Environmental Solutions Platform. That means that our first job is to fall in love with the questions and issues of our members, so we can provide solutions – small and big.  

Normally we shy away from talking about ourselves. But since we are now more than 6 months old and have a community of over 1,500 members, we thought we’d give you an update on some of the key changes and improvements we have been implementing on the Ubuntoo platform.  

In the words of Nelson Mandela: “In Africa we have a concept known as Ubuntu, based upon the recognition that we are only people because of other people”. So, THANK YOU for being an Ubuntoo member! 

In community,

Venky & Peter

Co-Founders — Ubuntoo


Your Ubuntoo community now spans over 80 countries and includes members from leading universities, Fortune 500 companies, 700 startups and innovators. We have enabled numerous connections that resulted in new business deals, partnerships, investments, and collaborations. Some of the new features you may have seen are:  

  • Knowledge section – curated specially for business users 
  • Integrated search – a single search query shows results in solutions, news, knowledge and forums 
  • Activity Feed – featuring everything that is new on Ubuntoo 
  • Daily News – beginning next week you will start receiving a daily email digest of the most topical news about solutions to reduce plastic waste and pollution from around the world 

And for our members, we have a few exclusive benefits 

  • Events – beginning this week you can view a curated list of conferences, exhibitions, webinars and more 
  • Contact – you can now directly contact solution providers on Ubuntoo through private messages 
  • Follow – when you see a solution that you want to track, click follow and see updates about it in your notifications 

We love hearing from you. Please send us your feedback and suggestions to improve our service. 


AB Inbev’s 100+ Accelerator hosts and provides funding to start-ups to solve challenges designed to create a more sustainable world for all. Applications for their Circular Packaging Challenge close on October 30.  


Sorting of post-consumer packaging Project HolyGrail is a pioneer project that aims to improve sorting of post-consumer packaging with the help of chemical tracers and digital watermarks. 

Converting food waste into natural powdered pigments. Kaiku, a system that converts food waste into natural powdered pigments through vaporization technology.

Concentrated cleaning  products in small recyclable plastic refill cartridges Truman's is offering concentrated cleaners for glass, floors, bathrooms, and all-purpose, that eliminate single-use plastics

Turning CO2 in Ink AIR-INK by Gravity Labs is a brand of ink and ink-based products, created by capturing gaseous emissions due to incomplete combustion of fossil fuels. 


Recently, NPR’s Terry Gross interviewed environmental scientist Kate O’Neill about her new book Waste. The author does not only talk about the issue of waste, but also the broader context: “to study wastes provide a window into all aspects of a society and its politics”. You can listen to the interview or read the transcript here

“Nobody is too small to make a difference” – Climate Activist Greta Thunberg in her recent speech to Congress

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Peter & Venky

September 30, 2019
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