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Turning plastic back to fuel | Dr. Medha Tadpatrikar

"...we have to look at plastic differently, waste differently..."  

-Dr. Medha Tadpatrikar

Dr. Medha Tadpatrikar explains how she likes plastic, and the lifestyle changes it as brought to society.  Many of us forget to look beyond the waste and see an opportunity.  Dr. Medha Tadpatrikar explains an innovation that "recovers" plastic by converting it to fuel. Witnessing the death of deer due to plastic ingestion was the catalyst for Medha to begin working on waste plastic and segregation at source. Dr. Medha Tadpatrikar has created The Keshav Sita trust that has collected more than 200 metric tonnes of waste plastic and diverted from landfills. Discover her journey in seeing plastic differently, her innovation, and inspiration to change habits in saving the environment.

Watch the 9:00-minute TED talks below to learn how Dr. Medha Tadpatrikar creates waste into fuel;

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Olivia Thomas

August 7, 2019
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