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The 934 festivals in the Netherlands attract 26.7 million visitors per year (source: Respons festivalmonitos 2017). On average, 2.33 kilograms of waste per person is left behind on the festival grounds. Festival organisers, NederlandSchoon ('Clean Netherlands") and the Dutch government joined forces in October 2015 to prevent litter by reducing the waste streams and improving their separation and processing. This involves looking at one's own organisation as well as how visitors can be positively influenced to deal with waste more deliberately.

Festivals are faced with a number of waste streams. Food scraps, cigarette butts, flyers, rain ponchos, litter, camping gear, and plastic are but a few examples. By better separating waste - both frontstage and backstage - it is easier to recycle and it is possible, for instance, to compose waste. In addition, organisers want to limit catering waste; here, the use of 'hard cups' for beverages is a good option. 

Together, the signatories of the Green Deal want to tackle the waste problem in an efficient and effective way. During various pilots, we examine which measures do and do not work and under what conditions, so that other festivals can emulate what has worked elsewhere. 

The 'Lessons learned' have been brought together in this toolkit. This is a guideline for festival organisations to shape the approach 'From waste to resources'.

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January 15, 2018
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