To eliminate waste we must rediscover thrift - Andrew Dent banner

To eliminate waste we must rediscover thrift - Andrew Dent

"There's no such thing as throwing something away..."  -Andrew Dent

Dr. Andrew Dent is the vice president of Material ConneXion, here, "His research directs the implementation of consulting projects and the selection of innovative, sustainable and advanced materials to Material ConneXion’s Library, which currently has over 7,500 materials."  

When we throw something away there is no getting that thing back, it ends up in a landfill, incinerator, or perhaps another country to be disposed of.  Andrew talks about his grandmother's string jar, how it held string from various places or products she purchased to be used again.  There is this concept of thrift that we may slightly understand but have forgotten.  A sauce jar, string, food container, something broken are all items that can be reused into something else, something different.  Andrew Dent discusses this concept of thrift, the forgotten behavior that he believes is a strong way of battling plastic pollution.

To learn more about thrifting, and concepts view the 10:34 minute video below

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Ted Talks

June 6, 2019
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