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These Scientists Want You to Rethink How You Use Plastic!

"...we all got together here today on this boat to look at the distribution of plastics. Microplastics, nanoplastics, in the San Fransisco Bay.  Trying to figure out how much is there and where is it coming from..."  -Marcus Ericksen

Everyone is aware of plastic pollution — when it is easily visible. What about when it is not? This video tackles the issue of microplastics and how to clean up the ocean life that is absorbing them.  5Gyres and Sf Estuary Institute explain ways to use science in order to create the best practices for environmental cleanup. 

"@5Gyres and @sfestuaryinstitute have been finding plastic in the San Francisco Bay and are trying to understand how much plastic waste rushes into the ocean after a big rain. Many of these plastics are micro-sized and look like food to fish and other sea creatures. There is so much plastic present in our waterways now, that it is considered a major environmental contaminant and toxin."  -from 5Gyres video 

Watch the video below to learn more about how 5Gyres is conducting science to make political and environmental change

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Olivia Thomas

June 21, 2019
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