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Kirva ba


July 23, 2019

The shocking truth about biodegradable plastics

 In this video, Dnews breaks down what degradable plastics and biodegradable plastics are, as well as alternatives such as bioplastics.  BIODEGRADABLE means being able to decompose from a living organism or bacteria.  Plastic is an entirely synthetic material and therefore CANNOT POSSIBLY be a biodegradable product. So, can plastics truthfully be an environmentally friendly product? 

Plastics typically are degradable, NOT biodegradable, as bacteria do not digest plastic naturally in the environment.  Plastic can degrade in UV radiation or by ocean punishment, yet even then it is small pieces that still exist in the natural environment never really going away.  According to the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, there are 3 ways something can be considered biodegradable: primary, environmentally acceptable and ultimate.

There are BIOplastics that are primarily created from corn which need a special cocktail of bacteria, heat, and temperature in order to decompose.  These requirements are NOT found in a landfill typically but in commercial composting facilities that are rare and far between to find.  Meaning, many states, and countries do not commonly have a commercial composting facility, leaving these plastics to sit and not degrade.  Yet there are solutions out there that can actually be composted, as well as a variety of other products that help solve these issues of biodegradable.

Learn more about biodegradable plastics by watching the 3:45 minute video below

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