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“Through the heart of Inner-Sydney runs a river pushed to the environmental brink. The Cooks River has bared the burden of urban development in Sydney from the time colonizers settled in Australia.  But the river, once dubbed Australia’s most polluted, is on the mend.  In this episode, we meet the people who want to bring the Cooks River back to life.”

- Think: Sustainability Podcast

Hearing about polluted rivers, lakes, oceans and other bodies of water is something everyone is familiar with today.  It has been a problem for many, many years.  What is different about today in comparison to the 1980s are the innovations available today.  In Australia like so many other countries, they are struggling to clean the Cooks River and finding the innovations and technology to save the ecosystem that resides here.

Learn about Cooks River and what innovations are being used to clean it up in this 25-minute podcast below


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December 18, 2019
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