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January 22, 2020

The Rise of the Ecopreneur | Take 3 For The Sea with Tim SIlverwood | EP 1

Welcome to Ubuntoo's The Rise of the Ecopreneur podcast.  This podcast series is an approachable podcast created for the eco-conscious. Ecopreneurs, academics, environmental experts, corporate stakeholders, and anyone passionate about sustainability will find the podcast engaging, interesting, and compelling.  The host speaks to environmental change-makers each week whose research, campaigns, and innovations are helping to create a more sustainable future.  Featured guests discuss their early relationship with the environment, their inspiration to a green career, "aha moments."

On Episode No. 1 of The Rise of the Ecopreneur we speak with Tim Silverwood from Take 3 For the Sea.  Tim is a surfer who became a passionate environmentalist about the oceans, beaches and ecosystems he shared while surfing.  In 2011, he ventured to sail 5000km to study the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.  Tim is a highly awarded and passionate presenter, commentator and facilitator who has delivered over 200 talks and workshops to businesses, government agencies, schools, communities and conferences.  

Take a listen & learn about Tim Silverwood & his projects in this 25:54 minute podcast;

Informational video for Take 3 for the Sea;

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