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"Zero Waste is radical. It changes everything. In this episode, you'll learn more about how cities, policymakers, businesses and private citizens can help change the game and create a zero-waste society - way sooner than you think. We take a look at Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), why so many choose to focus on the responsibilities of consumers when the business generates so much more trash and the innate powers of civil society.  Listen to interviews with our experts: Paul Ekins, Professor of Resources and Environmental policy, of UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources and Elin Bergman, Manager of Corporate Partnerships, of World Wide Fund for Nature and Wildlife (WWF)." 

- Love Zero Waste podcast

There are thousands of solutions for changing our waste, lowering our waste, and changing how we buy products. But how do we know which are the correct long term solutions for a sustainable world? In talking about a zero-waste society there are a few aspects that are at play: policies by the government, human behavior, and education on how to move forward.  Paul Ekins talks about how zero waste truly is a game-changer, how it could be implemented in various countries, and his opinions on what he is seeing. Elin comes on to discuss how zero waste absolutely can be a game-changer. What are the right policies? How do you inspire the world to take action? What is happening in other places around the world?  How can you start a zero-waste lifestyle yourself?  These questions and more are discussed by the hosts on this podcast.

To learn more about how or if zero waste is a true 'game-changer' listen to the 32:27 minute podcast below

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Love Zero Waste

June 26, 2019
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