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The Digitalisation of the Supply Chain

It is no secret that the digital revolution has proven wholly transformative across industries, and that transformation is only likely to continue with the onset of Industry 4.0 and the mass proliferation of associated technologies, such as the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, and general automation. Much of the focus around these technologies has been centered around manufacturing, where automation has established relevance, but the industry will be affected at all levels and perhaps one of the most wide-ranging changes will be to the operation of the supply chain.

“The evolving world of affordable connected logistics is beginning to provide real-time environmental data on conditions being experienced by packaging solutions, during their journey from manufacture to store. These new insights are supporting the development of more informed and quantifiable packaging specifications, with particular emphasis on mechanical and barrier properties. Closing this loop between modeling and real-world distribution will increasingly inform future packaging design and material selection. This will reduce the risk of over-specification and open up new opportunities for sustainable packaging solutions, which previously may have been seen as a compromise too far when measured against the current, yet unqualified, performance targets. With the environment on everyone’s mind and a continued focus on packaging ‘fit for purpose and no more’ is a mantra we will need to take notice of.” -  Ruan Jones, a smart manufacturing expert at PA Consulting

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January 18, 2020
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