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0 By Dr. Claire Koelsch Sand
April 7, 2020

The Complexities of Compostable Food Packaging

What if plastic waste could be composted like a banana peel? Despite being only a fraction of the $800 billion global packaging market so far, compostable packaging is gaining in popularity. Compostable packaging is processed into decayed organic material called compost, which can be used to fertilize the soil. The nuanced role of compostable packaging, standards, and types of compostable packaging coalesce to achieve more sustainable food packaging.

Compostable food packaging functions in two scenarios: closed-loop and open-loop. A closed-looped system (such as a stadium, university, business, etc.) is characterized by the control of food and packaging inputs as well as waste outputs. When food packaging is used, disposed of, and sorted for composting in a closed environment, compostable packaging can be a sustainable choice. 

Learn more about the source, infrastructure, and important challenges involved in the process in the full report HERE.

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