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Shreem Kohli

February 6, 2020

Sustainable Tourism for India - Criteria and Indicators

Quicker access to distant locations, larger disposable incomes, and rising lifestyle aspirations now characterize the growing numbers of travelers. When the balance between natural processes is subjected to heavy pressure, the resultant damage can create positions where weather patterns and lifestyles are thrown out of gear.                                                                      

All, that are a part of the supply chain, must balance biodiversity conservation with the professional quality of visitor experiences. Essentially, this implies meeting the challenge to create a sustainable balance between visitor numbers without sacrificing natural and cultural heritage. For tourism service providers, this also means acceptance of sustainable service agreements, facilitated by the government and targeting sustainable visitor satisfaction.

This publication brings these strands together, with the expectation that tourism today will enable future communities and travelers to also gain from sustainable, inclusive experiences.

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