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“For most listeners, the term “farming” evokes images of tall crops on large swaths of land (hello, Listeners from Nebraska!).  Well, there is also farming in the water to raise fish!  This practice is known as aquaculture, and it’s becoming increasingly important as we look to meet the demand for fish as a protein source without putting additional strain on wild fish stocks.  Aquaculture is also a big business.  In fact, Salmon aquaculture is the fastest-growing food production system in the world.  We talk with Sophie Ryan, CEO of Global Salmon Initiative, about aquaculture generally and dive deep with her on salmon aquaculture.”

-Sustainability Defined Podcast

Aquaculture and hydroponics are wonderful innovations in moving towards a sustainable fish production for our population.  But fish do a lot of things for us, for the environment, and for economics. This podcast is a wonderful understanding of the innovation, the purpose of fish for the environment and economics. This production has a lot of aspects that have strong misunderstandings or lack of knowledge.

Learn more about aquaculture and hydroponic innovations in this 59:12 minute podcast




Sustainability Defined

December 18, 2019
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