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Sustainability Defined

June 14, 2019

Sustainable apparel - Jeff Denby: The renewal workshop - Sustainability Defined

"You probably have some awesome retro clothes in your closet because you want to get as much use out of your clothes as you can. We're with you, but unfortunately, in the USA, 80 pounds of apparel per American per year end up in the landfill. Luckily, there is a superhero to the rescue. Our guest this episode, Jeff Denby, is the co-founder of a business called The Renewal Workshop that is going to take this linear model and make it circular. It partners with apparel brands to take returned and damaged clothing, clean it and repair it at a factory in Oregon, and then resell it. No matter the state the clothes are in when they are sent to The Renewal Workshop, there is a no landfill guarantee. After this episode, we guarantee that you'll never look at clothes the same way again." - Sustainability Defined Podcast

How large is the fashion and apparel industry?  How as a consumer can we be better?  How large is the impact of the fashion industry on the environment?  Do you realize the impact of your fashion choices?  The average American can spend up to $1000 a year on purchasing clothes. 22 billion new clothing items are bought per year by Americans.  80lbs of apparel from each American ends up in a landfill.  This podcast discusses environmental issues in the fashion industry with their guest Jeff Denby.  Jeff Denby is the co-founder of The Renewal Workshop working on making the fashion world's linear model circular. The company partners with brands that will take returned or damaged clothing, clean it or repair it if necessary, then resell it.  They operate out of Oregon, with a no landfill guarantee!  In this podcast, they interview Jeff Denby on what they are doing at the Renewal Workshop and get a bigger picture view of the fashion industry.

Learn more about converting the fashion industry from a linear to a circular economy by listening to the 42:06 podcast below

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