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Sustainability Defined

December 23, 2019

Sustainability and Art - Sustainability Defined

“Sure the facts and figures we discuss on the show are helpful, but a photograph or painting that emotionally touches someone can have just as big of an impact - or even more! Since Jay and Scott have rudimentary artistic skills at best (Scott's stick figures haven't improved much since 2nd grade), Annie Griffiths, an award-winning photojournalist and one of the first female photographers hired at National Geographic, joins us to talk about how art can catalyze behavioral and societal change. Plus, we give you five green holiday gift ideas in time for festivus and other year-end festivities.”

-Sustainability Defined Podcast

Innovations and ideas to combat plastic pollution and climate change come from all angles. Sometimes we must be encouraged, reminded, and take time for reality from art. Art is a strong concept that we often run over when attempting to make a change and create a business or live our lives.  Simple gestures often encourage this moment. Holiday seasons contribute greatly to the waste stream every year. Perhaps a simple gift given consciously and explained can create a little change for the environment this year.

Learn more about sustainability and art in this 30:46 minute podcast below


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