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July 30, 2019

Reviving waste | Veena Sahajwalla

Reviving waste, a notion that will make you stop and say, "Wait, What?"  Directly stated it is the concept of taking a product considered useless, at the end of its life and placing it in the category of waste.  When something becomes waste, often it is sent to a landfill, then slowly, if at all, breaking down.  Veena Sahajwalla is in the business of bringing life back to waste, giving it a second life.  Tires, cellphones, refrigerators, and other products written as a challenge to recycle is precisely what this professor is interested in.

The process of manufacturing steel is endlessly recycled.  The question becomes is where in the process of making steel can we use other materials, recycling another material or product in the production of making steel?  Veena believes looking at alternatives, materials, and products differently are the future. Merely looking at the elements the make up the product is the key.  This is the way she believes in reducing waste and producing value to new life products.

Learn about how to take the waste and convert it into a resource by watching this 16: 00-minute TEDtalk below;

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