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January 18, 2020

Reuse rethinking packaging | Ellen Macarthur Foundation & New Plastic Foundation


"Reusable packaging is a USD 10+ billion innovation opportunity that can deliver significant user and business benefits. Reuse models are sometimes considered burdensome or a thing of the past. However, innovative reuse models can unlock significant benefits, enabled by digital technologies and shifting user preferences. Such models can help deliver a superior user experience, customise products to individual needs, gather user insights, build brand loyalty, optimise operations, and save costs. Imagine a luxurious, durable ice cream container that keeps the ice cream frozen for hours outside the fridge which is delivered and picked up in a subscription model. It’s convenient, has a better look and feel, and keeps customers coming back."

View the PDF below or download with the following link;

Reuse - Rethinking Packaging EMF (1).pdf


For the full PDF to be downloaded to your computer click the link below;

Reuse - Rethinking Packaging EMF (1).pdf

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