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January 23, 2020

Rethinking recycling with Carlos Ludlow-Palafox - The Rise of The Ecopreneur

Welcome to Ubuntoo's The Rise of the Ecopreneur podcast. This podcast series is an approachable podcast created for the eco-conscious. Ecopreneurs, academics, environmental experts, corporate stakeholders, and anyone passionate about sustainability will find the podcast engaging, interesting, and compelling.  The host speaks to environmental change-makers each week whose research, campaigns, and innovations are helping to create a more sustainable future.  Featured guests discuss their early relationship with the environment, their inspiration to a green career, "aha moments."

On Episode No. 2 of The Rise of the Ecopreneur we speak with Carlos Ludlow-Palafox from Enval.  Enval unhitches the potential of high-performance materials through generating sustainable and economically viable end‑of‑life solutions. Our microwave-induced pyrolysis process is the only method for recycling plastic aluminum laminates.  Carlos details how he turned his project at Cambridge from a lab experiment to a full-blown business. He discusses the difficulties in developing such a process due to the lack of corporate and political support.

Learn about Enval and Carlos's process in microwave-induced pyrolysis in the 37:57 minute podcast below 

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