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December 17, 2020

Reducing Plastic Pollution in Indonesia

The goal of the Indonesia National Plastic Action Partnership (NPAP) is to achieve a 70% reduction in the nation’s marine plastic debris by 2025. In April 2020, the NPAP launched an Action Plan detailing how to achieve this objective and established five task forces for its implementation: Financing, Policy, Innovation, Metrics and Behavioural Change.

This Financing Roadmap details the actions the Financing Task Force will take to achieve the Action Plan goals. In particular, the Roadmap outlines recommendations on mobilizing financing to meet the marine plastic waste reduction target: around $18 billion in capital investments between 2017 and 2040 and an estimated $1 billion per year increase in operational financing for solid waste management systems by 2040. Initially drafted in accordance with the Action Plan, the Roadmap has been reviewed, amended and endorsed by the members of the Financing Task Force. The recommendations reflect the collective views of a diverse range of organizations.

Download the full briefing paper HERE

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