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Prof Veena Sahajwalla, Novel Recycling Scientist -The Waste Collective

"...the first thing we all have to question is our personal habits..."  - Professor Veena Sahajwalla

Professor Veena Sahajwalla an awarded recycling scientist, innovator, and engineer.  Her focus is on toxic and complex wastes, waste that many don't think can be recycled. She works with a variety of industries worldwide on the world's most challenging waste streams reaching the landfills.  By taking a deeper look at the elements of the product she finds a new life for these challenging materials. Take tires, for example, typically their life ends when the tread is too low, rendering them useless.  But Veena takes a look at the elements, carbon and hydrogen and utilizes them in making a type of steel called green steel.

Why can't some materials be recycled?  What is the problem?  How can we absorb end of life materials into a circular economy?  What is a micro-factory? Are there mainstream solutions or benefits that everyone can agree upon?  In this podcast, The Waste Collective, discuss solutions, programs, initiatives, and collaborations with Veena. 

To learn about altering the lifespans of challenging wastes listen to the 26:56 minute podcast below

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The Waste Collective

July 30, 2019
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