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Anja Krieger and her guests on this podcast: ocean expert and publisher Nikolaus Gelpke, youth activist Lilly Platt, oceanographer Sarah-Jeanne Royer and climate expert Gunnar Luderer discuss how plastic and climate change intermingle. There are many issues that are affecting climate change out there, how does plastic pollution fit into the contribution of climate change?  There may be some who believe that it isn't the biggest issue out there for focus, yet there are many aspects of plastics that do contribute a great deal. Take littering, the production of plastics, soils, day to day human behavior, resource depletion, could we not say these are all aspects that are two of the same?

Anja talks about just this, the complicated relationship of plastic and the climate, the positives and the negatives.  So, listen to the very end!!  This podcast provides a great perspective on the whole picture, not just a small frame.  Yet it is important to understand her closing points about a circular economy, behavior, and how other alternatives can change the emissions being put into the atmosphere.

Listen to understand more about this relationship in the 28:36 minute podcast below

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July 23, 2019
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