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Plastic Uses in Agriculture

It is estimated that globally, 10 million tons of plastic is used for agricultural purposes each year. The market for agricultural plastics is estimated to be approximately  USD 10 billion. According to the Plastic Uses in Agriculture report, "over 40% of this demand is for plastic mulch film, which typically lasts for one growing season and then must be disposed."

Plastic has become an integral part of the agricultural life cycle from pre-planting preparation all the way to packaging, storage, and transportation. This plastic is taking a toll on soil health, microbial mix, soil quality, not to mention the implications of the damage microplastics can have human health. While a lot more research is needed into the viability of waste solutions and long-term implications of the use of plastic in agriculture, this report details the current plastic footprint of the agricultural sector. 

Read the full report on the impact of plastics in the agricultural sector HERE

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Think Beyond Plastic

September 8, 2021
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