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From Trashmagination podcast, Ninety percent of toys today are made from plastic, and most end up landfill or the ocean in less than a year (Source). In this episode, get ideas for ways you can divert plastic toys from landfill – either to more children, to artists or to be made into plastic furniture.

Learn more about what to do with plastic children's toys when they have lost their luster in this 19:51 minute podcast below

Donate to creative reuse centers near you

Mail them to Tiny Toy Co. – Check out the educational kits they make from recycled plastic toys, such as:

Connect the Thoughts™ contains objects which a student can group into any kind of pair as long as they can explain why they are a pair

Vocabulary Development for pre-schoolers

Matching and memory games

Get tips from Tiny Toy Co. about regifting plastic toys for birthday party loot bags or holiday gifts

Artists & Designers Working with Plastic Toys - Hiroshi Fuji

His exhibit Jurassic Plastic has travelled to Australia, Japan and Thailand. He collected 50,000+ toys through a community barter project that he invented called ‘Kaekko’ (which is Japanese for ‘swapsies’). The way people would exchange items was at events called Kaekko Bazaars. Kids bring in unwanted items, which were often plastic toys, and bankers who were also children would assess the value of the items. The kids would earn kaeru points. The word kaeru means both “to exchange” and “frog” so the program has a frog as its mascot. You could also earn points by attending workshops that were part of the event – workshops where you might learn how to creatively reuse plastic bags for example. There have been thousands of Kaekko Bazaars all over the world since, and he would gather many plastic toys at these events.

For more info on Kaekko and other community art projects in Japan, check out An Overview of Art Projects in Japan.

Margaux Lange -  makes jewelry from Barbies.

Freya Jobbins- Freya makes assemblages or sculptures from plastic doll parts.

See more artists and concepts on the Trashmagination website

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January 18, 2020
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