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Plastic pollution: Costing the earth - BBC Radio

Plastic pollution. We all know about it, but do we truly understand the consequences that are happening?  What is really going on in the ocean?  What research is happening?  In this podcast with BBC and Alice Roberts joins Marcus Eriksen, and take these questions to the Gulf of Mexico, conducting research with 5GYERS  Many if not all of our beaches you will see the plastic waste washing up to the beach lines, but what is happening deeper than that?   What they are seeing is the plastic pollution is moving closer to home from the far out Pacific Ocean. Yet, the plastic problem is a bit larger than the use of it, there are other stakeholders involved that make a change such a challenge.  BBC, Costing the Earth, reflects on the big picture of plastics in this podcast.

"Prevention would be the key but with the gyres themselves only the tip of the problem and 70% of the plastic we allow into the sea sinking to the seabed a solution to disperse these giant rubbish islands is essential." 

-BBC, Costing the Earth, Plastic Pollution

Take a listen to the 28:06 podcast and discover what it is that they find on their adventure

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June 14, 2019
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