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Plastic Clamshell Packaging or Berry Baskets - Trashmagination

"Many products come in clear plastic packaging called plastic clamshells, such as berry baskets. Sometimes this packaging is “thermoformed,” meaning it is molded around the shape of a product. Sellers might like this packaging because it is inexpensive, protects the items in transport and lets them attach their branding. But customers find it annoying to open and difficult to recycle. Many people do “wishcycling,” meaning that they put this packaging in their recycling bin, hoping it will be recycled. Unfortunately, most recycling programs are not set up to recycle this packaging. It gums up the sorting machines and contributes to higher costs of recycling.

In this podcast episode, we’ll discuss ways you can creatively reuse this packaging. In the featured photo on this blog, you can see an octopus I designed for my nephew – it was a squid actually. It involved stringing plastic caps on string. I gave it to him disassembled so he could build it himself. I put all the parts in a clamshell container and made my own label. This type of packaging can be great for gifts and many other reuse opportunities."

To learn more about Wishcycling tune into this 10:45 min podcast

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January 18, 2020
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