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Periods and The Environment - Think: Sustainability

“What is the real waste from sanitary products?  And why is no one talking about eco-friendly alternatives?  This episode explores how a culture valuing discretion and secrecy around periods can be harmful to the environment.”

- Think: Sustainability Podcast

Women are often discrete about their ‘time of the month’ not just to others but themselves.  In this new age of ‘green’ ‘eco-friendly’ ’zero-waste,’ the issues that exist surrounding feminine waste have grown rapidly. This episode discusses how the production of sanitary napkins contributes to CO2 emissions and how the production processing for such an essential product — which involves several chemicals and unsustainable materials —  is extremely harmful to feminine health as well. These two issues aside there is another pressing issue of waste, and the gasses produced in the landfill due to the decomposition of feminine hygiene products. However, there are several new innovations for users today that are efficient and produce far less waste for example, menstrual cups, underwear, organic cotton, etc.

Learn about the innovations aiding women's health and the environment in this 17:10 minute podcast below




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Think: Sustainability

December 18, 2019
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