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High Level Panel for A Sustainable Ocean Economy

February 15, 2021

Ocean Solutions That Benefit People, Nature and the Economy

About This Report

This report lays out the contours of a new relationship between the ocean and humanity. Like any relationship, it is reciprocal: it considers the care required as well as the rewards returned. It departs from a conservation philosophy of ‘minimising destruction’ and showcases a balanced model that simultaneously achieves effective ocean protection, sustainable production and equitable prosperity.

This work has been commissioned as an input to the Ocean Panel. The report builds on the latest scientific research, analyses and debates from around the world—including the insights from 16 Blue Papers and 3 special reports commissioned by the Ocean Panel: ‘The Ocean as a Solution to Climate Change: Five Opportunities for Action’, ‘A Sustainable and Equitable Blue Recovery to the COVID-19 Crisis’ and ‘A Sustainable Ocean Economy for 2050: Approximating Its Benefits and Costs’. The report has also been informed by ideas emerging during Ocean Panel deliberations and consultations with a wide range of individuals, organisations and entities.

The report has benefitted from a robust peer review process involving more than 20 experts from all over the globe. It seeks to synthesise science-based information and identify options the Ocean Panel may wish to consider and share broadly. However, by design it is not policy-prescriptive but rather presents options for action by policymakers and other key actors. Ultimately, this report is an independent input to the Ocean Panel process and does not necessarily represent the thinking of the Ocean Panel.

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