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Microplastics: The Final Straw? - Science VS

"...littering and overflowing sewers are two of the biggest ways plastics go into our waterways..."

Ahh, straws. Everyone has heard about straws and the damage it has caused to turtles, the oceans, and more?  Many of us have seen the photo of the turtle whose nose had a straw deeply embedded, and marine biologists pulling the straw out.  In this episode, the host takes a look at some very real marine animals that are trapped with plastics around various body parts. What about when plastics begin to break down and become microplastics?  In this podcast the host talks to some scientists who are beginning to dig deeper into what microplastics are, how quickly they are breaking down, how they are breaking down in the relationship to the sun.

THE SUN? how UV light is effecting and breaking down plastics into tiny pieces into the soils.  What is it that scientists are finding?  Are there solutions to help clean up all of these plastics deep in our ocean sea beds?  IF we are unable to clean up the plastics what is it that we can do, and what is it that we know?  But is the awareness of straw bans worth fixing the problem?

Learn more by listening to the 28:58 minute podcast below

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June 25, 2019
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